PolypDx™ Test Kit

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PolypDx™ is a revolutionary tool that is patient friendly and capable of detecting individuals at risk for developing colorectal cancer using just a small urine sample. No unpleasant cleansing or preparation required.

    Package Contents: 

  • (1) Urine Sample Collection Container
  • (1) 8 mL Vacutainer Tube
  • (1) Lab-Loc Specimen Bag
  • (1) Ice-Brix Ice Pack
  • (1) UPS Laboratory Pak Bag

NOTE: The PolypDx™ Test Kit includes a consultation with a Telehealth Physician service if you reside in a state that is applicable. If a Physician determines you are high risk, and are not medically appropriate for PolypDx, you will incur a non-refundable charge of $59.99. 



Reimbursable by HSA, FSA, HRA.  Please contact your insurance provider using the number on your insurance card.